KINK the Art of Hair


For your hair to be at its best everyday, the correct after care is essential.

Professional salon products not only produce a better look and hair health everyday, but are proven to be 33% cheaper than  supermarket and pharmacy products.

The secret is that professional salon care products do not have water added which makes the product last longer.

Professional salon care ranges offer products for all the different types of hair, and experienced stylists are able to match the product which best suits your individual needs.

Most importantly if the product is not producing the best result for you, your stylist is just a call away!

Evo is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth.  Born from a desire to produce an exclusive salon range (and not sell it as the answer to life, love and other woes), Evo steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention in a ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ crusade of twisted honesty – designed to make people think. And so comes the catch phrase – saving ordinary humans from themselves™

Evo Fabuloso® colour enhancing conditioners provide an instant hair colour boost combined with a nourishing treatment effect

.Evo Fabuloso® keeps hair colour fresh and hair healthy – it is available in 7 different shades and is ideal to use between salon visits to revive and brighten coloured hair in only 3 minutes.

Evo Fabuloso® allows clients to maintain their hair colour in between salon visits, or give natural hair a shine and tone to stand out in a crowd.

The Ultimate in hair styling accessories, the world over.

GKhair began with our vision and our values. From the start we've been the leader in 'the science of hair'. The concept is very simple; develop and deliver new and creative ideas to a global marketplace.

GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Derived from sheep wool through an environmentally-friendly process, Juvexin is delivered to the hair in its natural state.

The GKhair Hair Taming System with Juvexin restores hair by repairing and providing long-term conditioning and protection. Juvexin is GKhair's foundation in creating manageable, frizz-free, beautiful looking hair for all those who want it.